About Our Department

The Mathematics and Statistics Department at Missouri S&T is comprised of both teaching and research faculty, with research interests covering a wide range of areas in both pure and applied mathematics and statistics. One particularly active group in the department is the Applied and Computational Mathematics group, which fosters close collaborations with engineering, material science, business, computer science and biology at MST. Many of our faculty are funded by external grants from National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, Department of Energy, Simons Foundation and others. In addition to strong research across many disciplines, our department regularly develops new courses related to active and emerging research topics.

Our undergraduate program offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, with a wide range of emphasis areas including actuarial science, algebra/discrete mathematics, applied analysis, computational mathematics, secondary education, and statistics. Our graduates go on to work in industry, education, or to pursue advanced degrees. We also offer a Grad Track Pathway in mathematics and statistics, which provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to earn credit towards an Applied Mathematics M.S. degree while completing their Applied Mathematics B.S. degree.

Students all across campus can expect to take one or more mathematics courses at S&T, even if they are not majoring in mathematics. In fact, most students take two or more years of mathematics. We take pride in our carefully designed placement program, which aims to make sure that students begin their mathematics sequence in the appropriate course. Thanks to innovative programs such as the Success for Calculus program, our student success rate in calculus is the envy of most mathematics departments nationwide, where failure rates of 50 percent or more in calculus are cause for much concern.

Our graduate program offers a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics with emphasis in statistics, with or without thesis; a Master of Science for teachers; a Doctor of Philosophy with emphasis areas in mathematics, computational and applied mathematics, and statistics; and graduate certificates in actuarial science and statistics. Our students go on to pursue opportunities in industry, education, and academia. Most of our PhD students receive financial aid in the form of either a graduate teaching assistantship or a graduate research assistantship.

The Mathematics and Statistics Department has established itself as an important part of the Missouri S&T campus as a whole, producing strong undergraduate and graduate students; providing core mathematics education for students across campus; and producing important research in mathematics and statistics, including interdisciplinary work connected to many other groups on campus.