A universal degree

Mathematics is the language of our universe, providing a common link to all scientific and technological disciplines.

As a mathematics student, you’ll learn to interpret, understand and solve global problems. And you’ll be following in the footsteps of a former astronaut.

Col. Tom Akers, Math’73, MS Math ’75, was a member of NASA’s December 1993 mission that successfully grappled and repaired the Hubble Space Telescope. And he’s just one of the math department’s many distinguished alumni. Alumni that have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Texas Instruments, Chevron and Boeing.

And you’ll be part of an evolving program – one that caters to its students and wants success for all of them. Our math majors have some of the highest student-success rates of any math program in the country.

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Permission Numbers

For informaton regarding permission numbers for courses in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, contact Prof. Stephanie Fitch (sfitch@mst.edu).  When contacting Prof. Fitch, please include the specific section you are hoping to enroll in.

Math magicians

Kylie Croft, senior

Teaching comes naturally

Kylie Croft, a senior in applied mathematics, wants to teach high school math. She’s getting some practice by tutoring local high school students in the subject.

“One of the most fun parts about teaching is getting to rack your brain and think of a new way to explain a problem or concept a student does not understand,” she says.

Back when she was in high school, Croft had to complete a project that required her to plan her future.

“When the project was over, the idea of teaching math just stuck with me,” she says. And she won’t be the only Croft to teach. Both of her parents are educators, as well.

“Because my parents are teachers, I’ve been around a school environment my whole life,” she says. [Read more]