Permission Numbers and Prerequisites

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics will ONLY issue permission numbers to currently enrolled students for special, out-of-the-ordinary situations.  Permission numbers will NOT be issued for currently enrolled students presently taking or planning to take a prerequisite course somewhere other than Missouri S&T.

If you are taking or plan to take courses elsewhere, transfer them to S&T, and use them as prerequisites to take a more advanced mathematics or statistics course, please be aware that you will NOT be able to register for the more advanced course until AFTER the S&T Registrar’s Office receives and posts your transfer credit for the prerequisite course.  As a result, you should pay careful attention to the policies of both institutions regarding transcript availability and processing times to ensure you will be able to register for your desired course before the start of the semester.  You may register for the more advanced course on a space-available basis after we receive your credit, but students taking prerequisite courses here at S&T have priority.

For example, if you plan to take Calculus I (S&T’s Math 1214) somewhere else, and then take Calculus II (Math 1215) here at S&T, you will NOT be issued a permission number for Math 1215.  You must wait until your Calculus I course is complete, successfully transfer the course credit to S&T, and then you may register for Math 1215 on Joe’SS.

If you wish to register for a Math or Stat course for which you do not technically meet the prerequisite for some OTHER reason than that described above, please contact Professor Stephanie Fitch directly at