Graduate degree programs

Note: We are no longer considering any new GTA applications for Fall 2020.


The mathematics and statistics department provides an enriching academic environment through a wide variety of course offerings, weekly seminars in several subject areas, and a colloquium series. Degree options are designed to achieve balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration.

• Master of science in applied mathematics

We offer M.S. degrees that allow for an emphasis in mathematics or statistics, with or without a thesis.

• Master of science for teachers

This program is designed for high school teachers in physical sciences and mathematics.

• Terminal master’s programs

The requirements for the M.S. degree allow a student to use the M.S. as a terminal degree and to design a program for specific needs such as industrial employment.

• Doctor of philosophy

Our doctoral degree program provides three distinct emphasis areas: mathematics, computational and applied mathematics, and statistics.

• Graduate certificates

We offer graduate certificates in actuarial science and statistics. Certificates are designed for practicing professionals as well as current students. Requirements can be met by completing four graduate-level courses from specified lists.

In addition to core mathematics and statistics courses, we encourage students to take courses outside the department to shape their education to meet their career objectives. Many of our graduates have taken advantage of this opportunity and enjoy diverse careers including: design engineer (Advanced Micro Electronics), senior software engineer (IBM), project manager (Discover), senior research analyst (KU Medical Center), biostatistician (USDA), and shuttle astronaut (NASA). Our graduates also hold traditional mathematics and statistics faculty positions in colleges and universities or have pursued additional training as post-doctoral fellows.

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Our faculty and research

The department has 18 tenured or tenure-track faculty members, all actively involved in research and teaching. These and one teaching professor, one associate teaching professor, and three assistant teaching professors complete the full-time academic faculty. Our faculty have won state, university system and campus awards for teaching, research, and service. These include a Missouri Governor’s Award for excellence in education, a Curators’ professorship, a Curators’ teaching professorship, numerous faculty excellence awards and outstanding teaching awards.

Research interests of the faculty cover a wide spectrum with major concentrations in analysis, computational mathematics, differential equations, and statistics. Faculty members engage in interdisciplinary work with researchers in departments such as biology, computer science, geology, and engineering. For more information, see the above link and information provided on individual faculty webpages.

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The application process

Application for admission: You must submit an application online.

Admission criteria: Please see the Office of Graduate Studies admission criteria for information on how we evaluate applications, average qualifications of previous successful applicants, and the English language proficiency requirement.

We consider graduate applicants with undergraduate degrees in different fields besides mathematics or statistics.  We like to see evidence of a strong background in mathematics and/or statistics in such applications. 

Applications to our PhD or thesis master’s degree programs must include three reference letters and a statement of purpose (1,000 words or less on why you are interested in the program).  Applications to the non-thesis master’s degree program do not require three letters of recommendation or a statement of purpose; however, the letters of recommendation and the statement of purpose are required to apply for a graduate assistantship (see below). 

Application deadlines: See here for campus priority application deadlines. See below for deadlines concerning graduate assistantships.

Admission decisions: Decisions on admission are made on an ongoing basis; see below for decisions on graduate assistantships.

Note: For application to the master’s program through the Graduate Track Pathway, please see the information provided here

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Financial assistance

Most of our graduate students receive financial aid in the form of a graduate teaching assistantship. The stipend for a half-time appointment is expected to be approximately $18,545 for the nine-month academic year. Additional summer stipends are also available on a competitive basis. Doctoral students on half or 3/8 time teaching/research assistantships do not pay educational fees. Masters students on an assistantship pay in-state fees, and educational fees beyond the first six credit hours are waived. Outstanding domestic students who intend to pursue a Ph.D. also are considered for the Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship, which covers all fees plus a $10,000 stipend a year in addition to a half-time assistantship.

Graduate assistantship availability: We have a limited number of open graduate assistant positions each year. Most of the open positions are for students starting in the fall semester, although we sometimes have open positions for students starting in the spring semester.

Application process and eligibility: All graduate applicants with a complete application (including three letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose) are eligible and are automatically considered for a graduate assistantship.

Admission decisions: The first round of graduate assistantship offers for students starting in the fall semester are typically made in early February. Offers may be made later depending on availability of graduate assistantship positions. Some graduate assistantship offers may be made for students starting in the spring semester depending on availability of graduate assistantship positions.

Application deadlines: See here for campus priority application deadlines. Since the first round of offers for the fall is made in early February, your complete application must be submitted by February 1 for full consideration.

Typical qualifications: Since graduate applications vary year to year, it is not possible to provide a list of typical qualifications that will give an applicant a high chance of being offered a graduate assistantship position.  However, graduate assistantship offers are often made to applicants with qualifications that exceed the average admission criteria. Furthermore, international students must demonstrate proficient English communication skills.

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Degree and certificate requirements

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

Master of Science for Teachers – Primarily designed for high school physical sciences and mathematics teachers.

Terminal Master's Degree – Tailored to meet specific needs such as industrial employment.

Ph.D. in Mathematics

Supplemental Ph.D program information

Graduate Certificate Programs

General information

Actuarial Science

Financial Mathematics

Statistical Methods in Psychology



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Contact information

After reading the information above, if you have questions please contact the Mathematics and Statistics Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Singler.

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